Health and Safety Training- Salons, Spa, Massage Center and personal Care Center

It is a legal requirement in Dubai (UAE) that staff who are involved in the handling of health related establishment are trained on health & safety to a level commensurate with their work activity. The responsibility for the supervision and training of staff lies with the person in charge of the health related business. Training and education is increasingly being recognized as a critical in health & safety assurance. Health & Safety Trainings are fundamentally important to any health & safety system and inadequate training, instruction and/or supervision can pose threats to health & safety. Health & safety training is essential to promote awareness in health related-handling personnel of their roles and responsibilities for health control section . health related establishment handlers need the knowledge and skills to handle to health & safely and hygienically, and personnel need an appreciation of the requirement to protect from infection transfer . Training impacts the success that we aim to achieve from the implementation of health & safety guidelines .It would also help to improved business outcomes in the form of reduction in customer complaints, reduced cost with internal or external failure of products, reduced cost of testing, reduction in penalties and better health inspection grade.

  • Ladies or Gents salon
  • Kids Hairdressing salon .
  • Oriental Bath for Ladies or Gents.
  • Tanning center
  • Fitness Center for Ladies or Gents.
  • Relaxation Massage center Ladies or Gents

Training Courses Offered

PIC ( person in charge Level 2)
BHT- basic hygiene training

Basic Hygiene Training For Salon And Personal Care Center

Salon, spa ,barber shop basic hygiene training is a mandatory training by Dubai Municipality Health Control employees in salon, beauty parlour,spa ,barber shop for gents ,ladies ,kids saloon has to undergo this training. ABAAN provides training for Salon, Spa and personal care centers in Dubai.

  • Basic Hygiene Training for Salon
  • Basic Hygiene Training for Spa
  • Basic Hygiene Training for Personal Care Center
  • Basic Hygiene Training for Beauty Parlour